April 2017

Bernd Vlay spricht beim 2.Forum Modellvorhaben Effizientes Bauen Leistbares Wohnen, München über Idee und Konzept des gewonnenen Wettbewerbsbeitrags GUT AUFGESTELLT in Neu Ulm (D).

April 2017

Im Architektur Aktuell von April erscheint ein kritischer Kommentar von Franziska Leeb zur Entscheidung im Verfahren „Neu Marx gemeinsam gestalten“, bei dem unser Projekt „Supercampus“ (mit COBE Berlin, Expanded Design und WES) zweitgereiht wurde.

März 2017

Architektur Wettbewerbe publiziert unser Projekt Gaswerk Leopoldau (AUT).

Rendering © LUXIGON
Rendering © LUXIGON

March 2017

STUDIOVLAY, COBE Berlin, EXPANDED DESIGN and WES Landschaftsarchitektur were selected as a team to develop a piece of productive city for the site of Neu-Marx in Vienna. The project SUPERCAMPUS, proposing a dense and maze-like structure that allows for the close proximity of different uses, came in second in the final jury. All proposals are exhibited from the 2nd to the 16th of March at the Wiener Planungswerkstatt.

March 2017

Urban Upgrade ist ein besonderes Service für StartUps, Small Businesses, EPUs, KMUs…, die sich für die Gewerbeflächen im Quartiershaus MIO interessieren! Es wird eine Business-Community der besonderen Art im neu entstehenden und aufblühenden Quartier Sonnwendviertel-Ost in Wien aufgebaut.


Februar 2017
DiePresse, Print-Ausgabe, 25.02.2017
FREIE MITTE wird in einem Artikel von Stephanie Drlik thematisiert.

„Wie Landschaftsplanung Stadt macht Landschaft ist ein geeignetes Medium für die Entwicklung integrativer und flexibler Stadtsysteme, Landschaftsarchitektur eine Disziplin mit stadtplanerischer Kompetenz. Aus diesem Trend wurden in Wien einige Projekte entwickelt, die sich sehen lassen können.“


December 2016

Studiovlay wins the competition “Münsterblickstrasse” in Neu-Ulm, Germany. The planning of the 1. phase with 40 apartments is already in progress.

October 2016
Campus Eggenberg is growing

Our project in Graz gets more and more visible. Three buildings with
35.000 m² of multifunctional use.

October 2016
„Europan Intersession Forum in Badajoz“

Together with Jens Metz/Berlin and Jim Njoo/Paris Bernd Vlay enjoys to work with Europan 13 winners on urban strategies in Estremadura.

October 2016
Office expansion

We are working from the same address, now on two floors!

September 2016

We were shortlisted to take part in a competition for an experimental housing development in Ingolstadt/Germany.

June 2016
Gaswerk Leopoldau

We succeeded the second stage of the project.
Our work is in progress for young, affordable living spaces and co-housing, as well as re-programming an industrially used building.

June 2016
In der Wiesen Ost

We were succeeding in the competition of an experimental urban gardening project in Vienna- on the urban and the architectural scale.

May 2016
„Herzblut ist kein Argument“

Swiss architecture magazine werk, bauen + wohnen publishes a conversation between Roland Züger, Birgit Brodner, Reinhard Seiss, Lina Streeruwitz and Bernd Vlay who discuss the success and/or failure of urban planning in Vienna during a walk through the new quarter of Sonnwendviertel in Vienna.

May 2016
Baubeginn Campus Eggenberg

Construction start of project Campus Eggenberg, in Graz. Three buildings with 35.000 m² of multifunctional use.

April 2016
„dynamic momentum“

Andreas Rumpfhuber’s text in the guardian series „story of cities“ – „Vienna's 'wild settlers' kickstart a social housing revolution“ – revisits the historical development of social housing in Vienna, quoting Lina Streeruwitz and STUDIOVLAY as planners in its contemporary context.

March 2016
„Dichte Packung“

Sonnwendviertel figures as a successful example of urban densification in Bauwelt 12.2016 /Dichte Packung.

March 2016
:urbane Stadt

In June 2015 there was an Enquete on Urban planning where Bernd Vlay was invited as a speaker.. The documentation and the results are now published in the publication „:urbane Stadt, Herausforderungen für Stadtentwicklung und Wohnbau- Werkstattbericht 159“.

11.März 2016
revisiting Nordbahnhof

ÖGFA_Staddiskursvisite 05: Neuer Stadtteil Nordbahnhof: Together with the Austrian Society for Architecture (ÖGFA) we will visit the site of our masterplan for Nordbahnhof Wien and discuss its relevance for the discourse on urban development in Vienna.


February 2016

STUDIOVLAY’s proposal for Vienna’s new city beach is among the four finalists in urban ideas competition Copa Cagrana Neu.

January 2016
Publication Bauherren Preis ´15

Wohnzimmer is published in the Bauherren Preis ´15.

December 2015

Our project for 100 subsidized apartments in the area of former Gaswerk Leopoldau is chosen for implementation and will form part of a cooperative planning process for the whole area.


October 2015
Wohn_Zimmer Sonnwendviertel: Winner of ZV-Bauherrenpreis 2015!

The jury awarded our "Wohn_Zimmer Sonnwendviertel“ as one of six winners among 24 Austrian nominations.
Articles in daily newspaper Standard, Presse and Kurier.



October 2015
1st Prize Quartiershäuser 2015, site 17A

STUDIOVLAY (with Heimbau-housing-agency) wins the „Quartiershaus 17A-site“ in Vienna: a 35m-high, mixed-use-urban-trigger!

October 2015
3rd PRIZE Competition Seestadt Aspern, Lakefront-Site J3A

STUDIOVLAY wins 3rd prize with a cluster of 4 high-rises that we dedicated to Mies’ Lakeshore-Drive apartments. In collaboration with AKF Architektur Kollektiv Favorit and D\D landschaftsplanung.

Foto: Bruno Klomfar

September 2015
School Opens Doors!

"Volksschule Murfeld“, primary school building: phase 1 finished!

Sept. 11th-12th, 2015
open house at Wohn_Zimmer Sonnwendviertel


August 2015
Wohn_Zimmer Sonnwendviertel nominated for Bauherrenpreis 2015

The project is among the 24 nominations for the Austrian clients’ award.. The final jury decision will be published in Oktober 2015.


April 26th, 2015

Jordi Evole of „Salvados“, a prominent program tackling political and social issues in Spain, talks with Lina Streeruwitz about the project and subsidized housing in Viena in general. The report shows the common facilities of the “Wohn_Zimmer” and includes an interview with a tenant.


April 2015
„Vertikales Wohnen stark im kommen“

Bernd Vlay talks in the Wohnen Plus Magazin about how the city risis vertical.

March 18, 2015
Shanghai Lecture: A Coup of Resources!

Bernd Vlay gives a lecture at the Shanghai Urban Planning Institute

March 5th 2015 – 7th 2015
TURN ON 2015 – Architektur Festival

ORF RadioKulturhaus, 1040 Wien

Michael Pech (ÖSW) and Bernd Vlay open TURN ON 2015 - festival for architecture with a lecture on the added value of vertical living as proposed in the master project for MGC-Plaza, Vienna! Lina Streeruwitz speaks about studiovlay’s project Wohn_Zimmer Sonnwendviertel.

March 2015
2nd PRIZE in Liezen

Studiovlay and AKF win 2nd prize in an invited competition for 58 apartments in Liezen, Austria.

January 2015
STUDIOVLAY & FSA win 2-phase-competition in Florasdorf/Vienna!

283 housing units, medical care, kindergarten, urban gardening center.

Dec 22nd 2014 – Jan 7th 2015
happy 2015!

STUDIOVLAY wishes a happy 2015!

MGC-Plaza, Vienna, 2014 – GRAND LOBBY
high rise with 400 housing units + urban facilities

Foto: Bruno Klomfar

November 26th, 2014
Architekturzentrum Wien: ready for occupancy!

Bernd Vlay and Lina Streeruwitz discuss the recently finished Wohnzimmer_Sonnwendviertel with inhabitants, clients and architects.


July 2014
MGC-Plaza, Vienna

2-phase-competition for a high rise cluster with 115.000m2 gross surface area 

July 4th, 2014
Academy of Fine Arts Berlin, 10.45

“How do we want to live?”: Bernd Vlay talks at Final Forum and the presentation of the new Europan publication “Adaptable City” at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin about the Sonnwendviertel in Vienna and strategies for implementation.


June 13th, 2014 – 16.00
Guided Tour
ÖGFA_Bauvisite 187: Sonnwendviertel C.01 – „DAS WOHN_ZIMMER“

The Austrian Society for Architecture invites to a guided tour of our housing project in Sonnwendviertel.


May 16th 2014 – 17th 2014
Architekturtage 2014

An exceptional architectural event: Take part in an inspiring bus tour and walk to the future of Nordbahnhof on Saturday 17th of May, hosted by Bernd Vlay and Lina Streeruwitz.


April, 2014
Riedenburgkaserne Salzburg
Winning project category urban open space and landscape design 

Our design proposal for the competition “Riedenburgkaserne Salzburg” was selected as winning project category urban open space and landscape design. Collaboration with forsthuber-martinek / auernhammer wohlrab architektur / agence ter landscape architects.


April 24th, 2014
University of Prishtina

Bernd Vlay talks at the Technical University of Prishtina about the new Nordbahnhof master plan in Vienna and strategies for implementation.

April 3rd 2014 – 19.00
Sprechen über Architektur
BENE, Neutorgasse 4-8 1010 WIEN

The central association of architects in Austria invites Bernd Vlay to give a lecture within the series "Sprechen über Architektur".

March, 2014
Vertical playground

The big slide element is installed in the vertical playground of Wohnzimmer_Sonnwendviertel!

March, 2014
Interview: Keep the energy of enthusiasm

Bernd Vlay talks with Franziska Leeb about breeding grounds for urban strategies in “architektur aktuell - wettbewerbe”


March, 2014
Germany visits Nordbahnhof-Masterplan:
Article published in "Garten+Landschaft 03-2014

March 7th 2014 – 8th 2014
12. Architekturfestival TURN ON
Großer Sendesaal im ORF RadioKulturhaus
Argentinierstr. 30a, 1040 Vienna

Bernd Vlay introduces with Sabine Ullrich from IC-Projektentwicklung the results of the cooperative planning procedure "VIERTEL ZWEI plus".


March 7th 2014 – 8th 2014
TURN ON 2014 – Architektur Festival
ORF RadioKulturhaus, 1040 Wien

Friday, 07.03.2014, 10.00–18.30

Saturday, 08.03.2014, 13.00–22.00


February, 2014
Vienna is different… Strategies for the global city

An examination of the Viennese urban development areas around the new Hauptbahnhof, Nordwestbahnhof and the new Nordbahnhof master plan by StudioVlay.

February 21, 2014
University of Cyprus, Department of Architecture
Bernd Vlay presents the international publication "The UAW-Book. About Urban Awareness", through the theme of curating, ed. by S. Stratis, including a contribution of STUDIOVLAY

February 20, 2014
Melina Mercouri Theatre, Nicosia
Bernd Vlay gives a lecture with Socrates Stratis on contemporary challenges of sustainable urban design, comparing dynamics of Nicosia with Vienna.


© Project Nordbahnhof Wien, winter 2020. Urban design by STUDIOVLAY, 2012 -2014

Dez 21st 2013 – Jan 7th 2014
happy 2014!
STUDIOVLAY wishes a magic, wonderful & happy 2014!

Nov, 2013
Programmatic innovation and social aesthetics.
Lecture of Bernd Vlay at the E12 Forum of Cities and Juries in Paris

Europan dedicates the international Forum of the Cities and the Juries to the reflection on the future of our cities. Bernd Vlay uses examples from Asian contemporary urbanism to inspire design strategies for European cities.



Nov, 2013
Nordbahnhof Wien
Intensive discussions about our proposal for the future development of the Nordbahnhof area in Vienna at one of the open participation meetings, organized by SVWP.


Nov, 2013
Sonnwendviertel Wien

The first facade of our housing project Sonnwendviertel is mounted.

Copyright: schreinerkastler

October 8, 2013
In der Wiesen Ost – Garteln hoch 3!
Public Presentation of the pilot project Urban Gardening in Wien Liesing

It might be a worldwide premiere: more than 1.000 housing units shall be co-organized, creating a neighbourhood of „living in a productive garden-environment“, ranging from the XL- to the XS-scale (implementation starts in 2016).

Copyright: schreinerkastler

October 7, 2013
Carrée Atzgersdorf
Public Presentation. Urban design for 1.100 housing units in Wien Liesing

How can the programme of living result in an urban environment? STUDIOVLAY was guiding the cooperative urban design process. The pilot project creates an urban environments through smart reprogrammming of communal spaces in a subsidized housing environment.

Copyright: schreinerkastler

Sept, 2013
High tech campus Villach MAL ZWEI

Architecture forms an urban vision: the relation between landscape, working and infrastructure redefines the corporate identity of the park, introducing a radical alternative to the consumption of land resources.

Aug, 2013
Fields of Experiment
Planning and building in Transdanubia

In a discussion architects Sabine Pollak and Bernd Vlay talk about their experiences in planning and building in Donaustadt with Caspar Schärer and Roland Züger
In werk bauen+wohnen 7/8 – 2013, Zürich.


July 2, 2013
The CinemaBox, suspended in the Entree.

A visit of our subsidized housing project in the Sonnwendviertel Vienna.

May, 2013
Stadtwerk Lehen published for IBA Berlin 2020
Studie Urbane Lebenswelten Strategien zur Entwicklung großer Siedlungen

Studie und Projektrecherche für die IBA Berlin 2020 im Auftrag der Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt


May 2, 2013, 7.00 pm
How long should we live? I Lecture Bernd Vlay at the Angewandte,
Vienna Vordere Zollamtsstraße 3, 1030 Vienna

On housing and the city.
Urban Strategies/ Postgraduate Program


Saturday, April 27, 2013, 4.00 pm
City Joker I Lecture
GrazMuseum,Sackstraße 18, 8010 Graz

In 1995 "city joker" introduced a new method of "performing" urban design, including the 1:1 scale. Dieter Spath and Bernd Vlay will present city joker-lecture as part of the programme, framing the exhibition "Gehversuche.
Überlegungen zur Stadtwahrnehmung beim Gehen", curated by Brigitte Kovacs and Christina Töpfer for the GrazMuseum. http://www.grazmuseum.at/

Thursday, April 18, 2013, 7.30 pm
Architektur in Serie I Diskurs, Plattform
Forum Stadtpark Graz

Architecture in its broader political context. Power relations and image policy in public space: Bernd Vlay discusses with filmmaker Michael Palm, taking his movie "low definition control" as a reference.
FILM: http://members.inode.at/michaelpalm/ldcpage.html

Thursday, April 11, 2013, 5.00 pm
Ideen für das Nordbahnviertel I Ausstellung
Exhibition opening: 2., Max-Winter-Platz 23, GB*-Grätzelzentrum

District mayor Karlheinz Hora and Bernd Vlay present STUDIOVLAY's winning project for the Nordbahnhof-Area, which – together with the adjacent Nordwestbahof-Area – forms the largest inner city development site in Europe. http://www.wohntage.info/ideen-nordbahnviertel.html

Until April 21, 2013
Leben am "Helmut Zilk Park" I Ausstellung
To be shown until April 21 at the bahnorama

Together with Ruediger Lainer&partner, Artec, Max Rieder, Franz Denk and Gasparin Maier STUDIOVLAY was participating in the cooperative planning procedure, developing the masterplan for the area east of the Helmut-Zilk-park, adjacent to Vienna's main station.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 7 pm
Donaustadt meets Seestadt I Symposion
AzW Podium

The symposion was part of the project "Zukunft Stadt. Kolloqium zur Praxis der Stadtentwicklung". Among other guests Bernd Vlay was discussing the "Donaustadt" as a trans-city-phenomenon, demanding new concepts of urban planning and design.
Symposium zur Praxis der Stadtentwicklung

March 8th 2013
Press conference with the city of Graz

Exhibition March 8th - 22nd 2013
Stadtbaudirektion, 5th floor, Europaplatz 20, 8020 Graz

March 5th 2013, 7pm
Die Versprechen der Stadtplanung

Master Lecture of Bernd Vlay at the TU Graz


February 28th 2013, 7pm

Master Lecture of Bernd Vlay and Lina Streeruwitz at grün2
Novaragasse 7, 1020 Vienna


February 2013
1st prize for competition VOLKSSCHULE MURFELD!

STUDIOVLAY has been awarded for the extension
of Volksschule Murfeld in Graz.

… linking the rationalism of the 60´s with a new way of learning
… rethinking the interchange possibilities

STUDIOVLAY: Architecture
Peter Bauer: Engineering and statics
Jochen Käferhaus:  Building physiology
Alice Größinger: Landscape design

Dez 21st 2012 – Jan 7th 2013
happy 2013!

Studiovlay is out of town and in the world!

November 2012
1st prize for competition Nordbahnhof!


STUDIOVLAY has been awarded for the urban design of the area of Nordbahnhof in Vienna!

STUDIOVLAY:    urbanism
Agence Ter:     landscape design
Andreas Käfer:  traffic planning

October 2012
Studiovlay participates in U-A-W-exhibition in Cyprus.

The “U-A-W?” project is concentrating on the notion of chrono-urbanism that is the study of diverse urban rhythms that generate the richness of urban environments, allowing possibilities of coexistence of any sort.

Exhibition opening: 17th of October 2012


September 2012
Roland-Rainer-Chair Professorship
for architectural design and research

In September Bernd Vlay is appointed as the Roland Rainer Visiting Chair 2012/2013 at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna / Institute for Art and Architecture.


August 1st – 17th 2012

Studiovlay ist out of town and in the world.

July 3rd, 2012
Kooperatives ExpertInnenverfahren Hauptbahnhof Wien

We were selected with 5 other teams for the cooperative planning procedure around Vienna's new main station.

April 21st 2012
Frühlingsfest Sonnwendviertel

The start of construction work on the housing projects of Sonnwendviertel is celebrated by the city of Vienna, the housing corporations and the district in a joint party. The construction site of studiovlay’s project presents its new billboard and extensive excavations.

March, 2012
Presentation of new urban development tool for Vienna

For the city of Vienna, Studiovlay has organised a colloquial planning process for the area of Atzgersdorf, promoting the interdisciplinary “making of potentials“ as a way to re-configurate the masterplan.

February 24th, 2012
Official opening of Salzburg‘s new City Gallery

The opening of the gallery will inaugurate a design that has been exploring the “complicity“ between spatial programming, curatorial action and visitors‘ experience.

February, 2012
Planning permission for housing development in Vienna

A complex of 500 housing units at Vienna‘s new central railway station introduces a contemporary translation of Red Vienna‘s commitment for the collective dimension in social housing.

January 24th, 2012
Exhibition opening/ Results of Europan 11 in Linz

Hosted by the Tobacco Factory, we curated the exhibition of the results of Europan 11, exploring “Resonances between territory and ways of life“.

January 21st & 22nd, 2012
Workshop of TC-Europan Europe, Paris

As a member of the Technical Comittee of Europan Europe Bernd Vlay joined the comparative analyses of 95 projects on 49 sites, developing topics around the phenomenon of “Reliance“, a French term that reflects the way how things are connected (publication in May 2012).

November 15th, 2011
Residents‘ move-in at Stadtwerk Lehen, Salzburg

The former gasworks station has opened its doors to more than 600 dwellers. A plan of daring proximities counterprograms the antiurban ambitions of social housing standards.

October, 2011
Third prize for competition entry

The office has been awarded for the design of a geriatric hospital and 180 housing units, promoting the built as a charger of voids which enable instant everyday-travel without leaving the place

September, 2011
Competition for ASKÖ-Sportshall in Graz completed

The challenge of turning an object into an urban strategy of territorial dimensions was provoking exciting thoughts in early autumn 2011.